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Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer coursework from another institution or other documented prior learning (SMART transcripts, military training, etc.) toward an award at MSCC must complete a Transcript Evaluation form and request official transcripts of their academic records be sent to the Registrar’s Office at MSCC.  
The Registrar’s Office may temporarily accept student copies or faxed copies of academic transcripts for conditional admission and academic advising purposes  only, with continued enrollment dependent upon the receipt of an official transcript mailed from the sending institution.
Students can request a Transcript Evaluation form by calling the Registrar’s Office at 870.733.6728, emailing, or visiting the Learning Success Center, located in the Reynolds Center on the South Campus.  

MSCC accepts degree-related courses with an earned grade of "C" or above in transfer from other regionally-accredited colleges and universities if the courses are judged to have content and requirements equivalent to those offered by MSCC. Vocational or technical courses may be accepted when directly related to a particular MSCC technical program and will be applicable only toward the appropriate degree or certificate program. Determinations will be made by the Registrar and faculty teaching in the area for which the transfer is requested. Transfer students may be asked to submit course descriptions in addition to their transcripts.

Transcripts from non-accredited colleges will, in general, be evaluated on the same basis as that employed by the state university of the state in which the transfer college is located.

Courses taken more than six years prior to the date of transfer must have the approval of the Vice President for Learning and Instruction before being accepted for credit.







Allied Health Programs
MSCC offers several Allied Health career/training opportunities in this "high demand" career.
Diesel Tech Programs
Opportunities abound for students to learn about diesel technology at MSCC.



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