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Strategic Goals for 2011 - 2014

 I. MSCC will expand access to learning by:


• Identifying ways we can improve access for the complete spectrum of learners in our communities of interest.


Goal: Develop new programs that address student interests and economic growth.


Goal: Strengthen partnerships with local schools to increase dual enrollment of high school students.


Goal: Expand flexible delivery systems that address the time constraints of adult students.


 • Recruiting, enrolling, and retaining increasing numbers of students.

II. MSCC will improve learning by:

• engaging in continuous improvement of student, faculty, and staff learning.


Goal: Increase professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff in support of student learning and retention to goal achievement.


• regularly and systematically evaluating and improving our processes.

Goal: MSCC will compare favorably with its peers.

Goal: Continue to improve the teaching/learning process through assessing student learning.

• providing a comprehensive and responsive academic support system that recognizes students as central to the learning process.
Goal: Improve support services for under-prepared students.

Goal: Increase extracurricular options that enhance student academic success and engagement with the institution.

Goal: Expand and improve student use of tutorial services.


III. MSCC will support regional economic development by:


• providing more flexible training/education programs to meet the needs of business and industry.


Goal: Develop/strengthen career pathways with emphasis on student preparation for STEM careers.


• supporting and expanding partnerships with educational, philanthropic, and government agencies and other higher education institutions to increase breadth and depth in business/industry training.


Goal: Pursue stronger communication with area business/industry regarding programs and services provided by the college.

IV. MSCC will manage its resources effectively by:

• providing excellent human, physical, and fiscal resources that promote student learning.

Goal: Enhance use of technology to support student advising and counseling and to improve institutional efficiency.

Goal: Obtain and effectively manage external resources to enhance facilities and programs.

Goal: Increase MSCC Foundation resources

• promoting community on campus with an environment that encourages mutual respect and positive relationships.

Goal: Enhance morale, institutional loyalty, and positive relationships among employees.


MSCC Value Statements
Mid-South Community College is committed to:

Access: Access, opportunity, and support for those who may benefit from its programs and services.


A Positive Campus Environment: A working and learning environment that encourages freedom of inquiry and values integrity, courtesy, and involvement in decision-making while respecting cultural diversity and individual differences.


Community and Civic Responsibility: Civic responsibility through planned learning experiences and through collaboration with local organizations to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of the community.


Quality and Accountability: Quality instruction and the effective use of technology, resources, and support services through continuous assessment of needs, programs and services.


Responsiveness: Responsiveness to economic, cultural, social, and human development by serving as a catalyst for community and educational improvements.


Learning and Individual Goal Achievement: Educational programs designed to motivate, challenge, and reward excellence in those who utilize and provide them.








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